Tools of the Trade

We’ve curated a collection of the right equipment for every taste and experience level.


Encore Burr Grinder

Maximum Freshness for Any Method


Super consistent with a broad grind range means you can use the Encore for everything from Espresso to French Press with amazing results. Built to last a lifetime.



Moccamaster KBT

Fast, Convenient and Capable


The Moccamaster is simply the best of the best. Built to last a lifetime, super-fast and by far the most delicious coffee we've ever tasted from an automatic machine.



French Press

Your Invitation to Brewing by Hand


This is the easiest, simplest way to start brewing by hand. Great as your daily brewer or as an alternative to a coffee maker when you're craving deeper, richer flavors.



Classic Chemex

The Cleanest Cup For Any Crowd


Chemex uses bonded paper filters that result in a supremely clean, elegant quality in the finished cup. The ability to brew for a few people at once seals the deal.



Wave Pour Over

Meet Your Partner for Perfect Extraction


The Wave's unique flat-bottomed design makes it possible to get even extraction without complicated technique. Great results with virtually any roast level or style of coffee.