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Coffee Maker

Great For

  • Arrow Right Consistent Results
  • Arrow Right Multiple Servings
  • Arrow Right Light, Medium or Dark Roasts


Makes 6-7 Servings, Brew Time Varies

  • Coffee Maker
    Coffee Maker
  • Paper Filter
    Paper Filter
    Cone or Wavy Basket
  • Filtered Water
    Filtered Water
    44 oz / 1250 ml
  • Medium Ground Coffee
    Medium Ground Coffee
    2.75 oz / 80 g – About 6 Tbsp
Step 1
Add Water
Fill the reservoir with cold, filtered water.
Step 2
Prep Filter
If your machine uses a cone-shaped filter, fold the crimped edges in opposite directions, as shown before you place it in the filter basket. If you use a wavy filter, just place it inside the basket as is.
Step 3
Add Grounds
Add ground coffee to the filter and place the basket back inside the machine.
Step 4
Turn on machine and wait for the brew-cycle to complete. Your machine may have extra-feature like a “strength” selector but we recommend leaving these at the default since you’ll be brewing with the correct ratio.
Step 5
Your coffee is ready to enjoy! If your machine has a glass pot, we recommend transferring brewed coffee to a thermal carafe as the electric warming plate in most brewers usually runs hot and can turn coffee bitter.