Coffee Maker


Makes 6-7 Servings, Brew Time Varies

  • Coffee Maker 10-Cup

  • Paper Filter Cone or Wavy Basket

  • Filtered Water 44 oz / 1250 ml

  • Medium Ground Coffee 2.75 oz / 80 g – About 6 Tbsp

Great For

  • Consistent Results
  • Multiple Servings
  • Light, Medium or Dark Roasts

There's no easier way to brew consistently great coffee than with an automatic drip machine. It's also an incredibly versatile method that works well with just about any coffee. If you have an SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America) certified brewer, you can expect a finished cup on par with most manual brew methods, like a pour-over. The secret is using the right grind, keeping your brewer clean and using filtered water.

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    Step 1

    Add Water

    Fill the reservoir with cold, filtered water.

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    Step 2

    Prep Filter

    If your machine uses a cone-shaped filter, fold the crimped edges in opposite directions, as shown before you place it in the filter basket. If you use a wavy filter, just place it inside the basket as is.

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    Step 3

    Add Grounds

    Add ground coffee to the filter and place the basket back inside the machine.

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    Step 4


    Turn on machine and wait for the brew-cycle to complete. Your machine may have extra-feature like a “strength” selector but we recommend leaving these at the default since you’ll be brewing with the correct ratio.

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    Step 5


    Your coffee is ready to enjoy! If your machine has a glass pot, we recommend transferring brewed coffee to a thermal carafe as the electric warming plate in most brewers usually runs hot and can turn coffee bitter.