French Press


Makes 4–6 Servings, 4 min

  • French Press 34 oz

  • Spoon or Stirrer

  • 200º Water 34 oz (1000 ml)

  • Coarse Ground Coffee 2.5 oz (67 g) – About 5 Tbsp

Great For

  • Fuller Bodied Coffee
  • Enjoying with Milk
  • Darker Roasts

If you love classic, deep, flavors, a french press will enhance your cup considerably. Because there’s no paper filter (just a fine-mesh screen), tiny dissolved particles and essential oils from the coffee grinds end up in your cup and create a rich, full sensation on the palate. French press is also our favorite way to introduce first-timers to brewing by hand since it doesn’t depend on any specialized equipment or advanced technique.

  • truetrue
    Step 1

    Warm Things Up

    Preheat the French Press carafe by filling it with hot water. Psst...this is great time to grind your coffee. Discard the water before moving on.

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    Step 2

    Add Grounds

    Fill the empty carafe with coarsely ground coffee.

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    Step 3

    Bloom Coffee Grinds to Enhance Flavor

    Start your timer and fill the carafe halfway to the top with water from your kettle. Wait until timer reads about :30 seconds. This important step is called the “bloom” and it will help your coffee develop more flavor and depth.

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    Step 4

    Fill & Stir

    Fill the carafe to the top and give the coffee a gentle stir. Place the lid on the carafe and press lightly so the plunger is just touching the water. Resist the urge to press down.

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    Step 5

    Wait for It

    When the timer reads 4:00 min, your coffee’s ready! Smoothly press the plunger all the way down until you encounter resistance from the coffee grounds.

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    Step 6


    Voila! Drink right away or transfer to an insulated vessel. Don’t leave any coffee in your french press after brewing as it will continue to extract and turn bitter.